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What started as a community concept on ecotourism is now an regional story on good community conservation practice...

When the people of Koibatek approached VFA to help them come up with a management concept for the management of the Lembus forest, little did they know that this would hatch into a project that would change their lives, at least in as far as forest management, and culture exposure is concerned. With funding from the Netherlands Committee for IUCN, the community, through technical advice from VFA's Sustainable Natural Resources Management Programme have established an ecotourism and Cultural Centre. Many see it as the beginning of better things to come in as far as ensuring they manage the Lembus forest. The Ecotourism and Culture Centre has various advantages to the people.

  • Income- the Ecotourism site is providing an income to the community members operating the site. These include a youth group as well as a women group. Membership to these groups is from people living all around the forest, and an income being derived from the forest means the people are able to directly benefit from their forest. The income is going a long way in uplifting their living standards, and also make them believe in the essence of conservation of their forest.
  • Forest conservation and or sustainable use- With Ecotourism, the people now have some knowledge being passed to them on the importance of forest and wetland conservation.
  • Education and information- The Ecotourism site is serving as an education point for the community on the virtues of the environment, and shows them why they really need to protect Lembus forest, now and for future.
  • Culture- The Ecotourism site is designed in a traditional set up, and using traditional materials. This is enhancing a local understanding and preservation of Tugen cultural values.

To visit lembus contact the Programme manager, SNRM.